Timber Log Homes

Solid timber has an inherent natural warmth and “feel good” characteristic which is encompassed in this product. Our solid log product is a one-of-a-kind, modular, pre-manufactured system comprising of solid timber and primary structural frame elements. The primary structural frame elements consist of solid log infill panels and our unique spring compensating mechanism, which allows for the lifelong natural expansion and contraction of timber.
This product is completely pre-manufactured in our factory and ready for assembly upon arrival on site. All timber elements are pressure treated in accordance with international standards against pest and fungal infestation. Due to our variety of external log profile offerings, the scope of application for this product, from a traditional old style log home to a modern bespoke type aesthetic in any shape or form can be achieved.
Log Homes

While we would not recommend an amateur with no building experience to tackle the construction of a HEAVY SOLID LOG home, it has been shown frequently that contractors or developers with no log home experience can erect their own modern timber frame homes – or parts of a home – relying solely on the manual that we provide. T&B supply all necessary material to complete the home including all drainage, sanitaryware, electrical wiring, built-in cupboards, glazing and all paint and varnishes if required. All components are labelled. Where it is needed, T&B can provide technical assistance and, when working in partnership with a new contractor, this is always provided.

T&B will also supply all architectural and working drawings required by local authorities such as municipalities and environmental impact groups. In South Africa T&B staff can also supervise the approval process, steering the documentation through the authorities and can also assist with containerization and shipping to destinations worldwide.

All T&B log cabin post and beam construction kits can be used as they are presented in our brochures or can be adapted to meet the clients’ needs. Where clients have their own architect, our design teams are prepared to liaise with them to ensure that they work in a way suited to our HEAVY SOLID LOG systems and do not incur unnecessary costs. T&B has had collaborated with leading architects worldwide and many of our better innovations have come about as a result of suggestions from independent designers.

A one-stop service

Experience has shown that the majority of clients want a one-stop service. Having finalised their design and their price, they like to be able to leave everything to the contractor. T&B systems facilitate this.

Log Home Kits

Timber Home Kits delivered in containers can be – and often are – 100% complete, with no need for any additions or extras from local suppliers (if they exist in the area).

It will be readily understood that this makes T&B the ideal choice for sites anywhere in the world which other contractors might have difficulty in reaching or working on. We have delivered kits by ten-wheeler all terrain trucks, by ship and barge and even by air. We have built on mountains and on beaches where there were no jetties, railways, water, sub-contractors or suppliers – and no local labour. (All materials and kits are checked for size and quality before they leave our workshops – and everything from electric cables to bathroom basins can be included when these are not available – or are overpriced – locally.

In short, T&B Log Homes,in Knysna, can provide a complete one-stop turn-key service at short notice, anywhere in the world.


Advantages of the T&B System

Most clients opt for the T&B Log Home systems because they like the natural look, the warmth, texture and feel of solid timber. At T&B we have found that solid log cabins appeal to almost all people in all cultures.

Other good reasons for considering a T&B home are

The speed of erection

The HEAVY SOLID LOG system eliminates the need for conventional foundations and on average cuts erection times by half. (The external walls of a typical three bedroom home can in most territories be erected in four days and the total home can be complete within six to eight weeks, roughly 40% of the time taken for a conventional home.) The erection time savings result in lower costs in the final bill and make our eco log homes competitive in almost all markets.

Clean sites, difficult sites

As our timber log homes are supported on a framework of vertical poles, the construction process uses very little concrete and leaves the site cleaner and less disrupted than other building sites. The T&B system is therefore ideal for ecologically sensitive areas like game reserves, eco estates,eco log homes fishing lodges and golf courses. The T&B system is also ideal for difficult sites – those on lake edges, in swamps, on exceptionally steep slopes or in clay and sand. On such challenging slopes it is common to find, again, that the cost of a T&B home on a “difficult” site is significantly less than that of conventionally built homes.

Fungal and fire resistance

All T&B timber is treated with TBTO or other appropriate timber preservatives against termites and decay and anti-fungal substances. Provided the recommended treatment is continued regularly the timber home will last in perpetuity. Furthermore, the HEAVY SOLID LOG SYSTEM has a similar fire rating to brick and mortar. T&B log walls have an SABS fire rating equal to that of a 200mm brick cavity wall.