To provide you with a better understanding of our flexibility and quality of our timber systems, we have answered some frequently asked questions below. Should you need more detailed answers, or have specific or technical questions. Please feel free to contact us on the form at the bottom of this page

Can I custom design my own home building kit?

Yes, the REVO system is flexible in design and we have our own in house team that can assist you with the concept and style you require.

Can I construct/assemble my own home?

Yes, the REVO system is a complete kit system that is totally CNC pre-manufactured. All the hard work has already been done for you, in our factory. So very little skill is required for assembly. Whats more we also supply your with a complete set of drawings and instruction manuals. Ensuring an easy instalation.

Will my REVO home be approved by the local authorities?

Yes, the REVO system complies with South African National building regulations and is structurally ratified by an independent structural Engineer, and will be approved by most municipalities. The REVO system as with most conventional construction methodologies is adaptable so there is scope to modify areas in order to comply where additional requirements are needed.

More so, in any other country or territory across the world, we have had great success when gaining the necessary approvals.


Is the REVO system a temporary or permanent structure?

This is the big advantage of the REVO system, it can be both, because of the robust, durable and modular pre manufactured system the REVO home is perfectly suited as a permanent structure but is also very simple to disassemble and re locate with excellent recovery on all components.

Do I need specialised tools and equipment to construct / assemble my REVO home?

No, the REVO system is totally pre-manufactured and all components are of mass and size that can easily be moved or placed by hand. Only basic tools are required for the assembly process.

How long will my REVO home take to construct?

This obviously depends on the size of the REVO unit and assembly team but generally the process is very quick because all of the components are pre manufactured and is more of an assembly as opposed to a construction process. A mid range building of around 60m2 should not take longer than 3 – 4 Days to complete.

How long will my REVO home last?

All timber components used in our REVO homes are pressure treated to SABS and international standards so are not susceptible to any of the degradation risks associated with untreated timber. With periodic maintenance there is no reason that your REVO home should not last a lifetime.

What types of timbers are used in REVO homes?

The majority of timbers used are derived from South African pine of the “Radiata” species along with exterior grade ply boards.

Are REVO homes “Green friendly”?

 Yes, all timbers used in the manufacturing of REVO homes are sourced from FSC accredited plantations.

Can I upgrade or modify my REVO home?

Most certainly, this is the beauty of the REVO system, it can be used as is and also essentially provides a ‘blank canvas’ for you to create the look & feel that suites your tastes and needs.

Do I need to be a skilled carpenter to assemble my REVO home?

No, because all components are pre-manufactured it is more a process of assembly as opposed to construction therefore only basic skills and some common sense is required. The components can only fit together one way so it is actually very difficult to ‘get it wrong’.

Do I receive instructions & plans on how to assemble my REVO home?

All REVO homes are supplied with a complete set of construction drawings and details along with an installation manual providing step by step instructions.

Can I have a double story REVO home?

Yes, double story units do require some upgrading of the lower floor structural elements to maintain structural integrity however the methodology does not change therefore does not create any additional work on site.

What thermal capacity do REVO homes have?

The primary REVO wall system is in fact made up of structurally insulated panels and along with the insulation below floors, for elevated timber floor structures, and roof insulation the REVO system provides excellent thermal capabilities. In very cold areas all of these areas can also be upgraded to suite the situation.

What type of foundations are used?

A reinforced concrete raft foundation is the most inexpensive but a pine timber base on pine columns is the more popular, especially for slopes etc.

Can I build my own log home?

While we would not recommend an amateur with no building experience to tackle the construction of a HEAVY SOLID LOG home, it has been shown frequently that contractors or developers with no log home experience can erect their own homes – or parts of a home – relying solely on the manual that we provide. T & B supply all necessary material to complete the home including all drainage, sanitaryware, electrical wiring, built-in cupboards, glazing and all paint and varnishes if required. All components are labelled. Where it is needed, T & B can provide technical assistance and, when working in partnership with a new contractor, this is always provided.

Should I anticipate the checking of logs?

Yes. Checking to some degree is common in all log structures, however this does not in any way disturb the structural integrity of the log home and actually adds to the natural appearance and character of the log home.

Is a log home a fire hazard?

Log homes have a 30 minute fire rating which is the same fire rating as a conventional brick and mortar building.

What about insurance and finance?

There is no discrimination between Log homes and conventional housing for insurance and financing purposes.

Do Municipalities accept solid timber log homes?

To date our systems have been accepted by all local authorities where applications have been made.

What about maintenance?

Over an extended period of time timber construction in South Africa and maintenance of log homes is less expensive than conventional homes.