Timber Project Management

The T&B Group project managers are able to efficiently manage the in-house construction and design teams, as well as any specialist subcontractors, to deliver any project within the cost, quality and time parameters…Our team can manage your home and resort development project from inception to completion.

Planning, oversight and consistency are all critical to the success of your timber log home project. Our Project Management team works closely together during all stages of the home building process, each taking the lead at the appropriate phase.

T&B Log Homes can effectively carry out:

  • Site investigations, concept proposals and assistance in developing the project plan at all levels
  • We can assist with preliminary estimates and viabilities for the project in advance
  • Assemble and co ordinate the right team of professionals and specialist suppliers and installers for your specific project
  • Effective planning, forecasting and detailed reporting to the Client
  • Investigations and ensuring compliance with bye laws and regulations
  • Developing most cost effective methodologies for remote sites relating to temporary facilities and logistics.
  • Cash flow analysis and monitoring
house being built
log home patio
hotel and resort project management