Remote Construction Specialists – Where you build determines how we build

Where you build determines how we build

remote construction specialists - Deciphering the Best Timber Construction Methods

Constructing a new home or structure requires meticulous planning and decision-making. One of the fundamental choices you’ll face is selecting the most appropriate construction method. As a leading remote construction specialists, T&B Group, we prioritise providing diverse and effective options tailored to your specific needs. Our offerings span across three distinct types of timber construction: Revo SIPS panels, Timber Frame (or Stick Building), and Modular Log Homes. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into each of these methods, illuminating their benefits and potential challenges.

An Introduction to Revo SIPS Panels

SIPS or Structural Insulated Panels are innovative construction materials designed to maximize energy efficiency. Imagine a colossal sandwich where a rigid foam insulation core sits snugly between two layers – one of Pine tongue and groove cladding and the other of Okoumé board. The outcome? A versatile panel offering excellent insulation, airtightness, and convenience in handling.

Key Advantages of Revo SIPS Panels

  • High Energy Efficiency: These panels ensure that your building remains cool during summers and warm during winters.
  • Speedy Construction: Given their lightweight nature, they promote a quicker construction process.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both external and internal walls, you’re looking at a solution that can cater to a plethora of building designs.

Why Opt for Revo SIPS Panels?

For those venturing into building projects in secluded areas or terrains posing transportation challenges, Revo SIPS panels emerge as the go-to choice. Their off-site prefabrication allows for easy transport via trucks or even helicopters, ensuring timely assembly once on site.

Delving into Timber Frame Construction

The art of Timber Framing, also renowned as Stick Building, has graced our architectural landscape for centuries. This method employs a 38mm x 114mm timber to construct a sturdy structural frame. Post this, it’s a matter of infilling the structure with insulation and other requisite materials.

Strengths of Timber Frame Construction

  • Historic and Durable: Known for withstanding the test of time, this construction method promises longevity.
  • Aesthetic Brilliance: Ideal for designs envisioning grandeur like open spaces or cathedral ceilings. Even complicated roofing designs are a breeze with Timber framing.
  • Customization: Every piece of wood is precisely cut and affixed on site, resulting in a bespoke structure.

The Charm of Modular Log Homes

Modular logs, pre-shaped and tailored in off-site locations, bring forth the allure of Modular Log Homes. Picture a house where 19 logs are meticulously stacked between two vertical columns, forming an imposing structural wall. Known for their authentic charm, these homes effortlessly blend modernity with nature.

Benefits of Modular Log Homes

  • Quick Construction: Being pre-fabricated, these homes ensure swift building processes.
  • Rustic Elegance: If a connection with nature, without compromising on modern comforts, is your vision, these homes are your answer.
  • Transportation Ease: Like the Revo SIPS panels, modular log homes are apt for locations where conventional logistics may falter.


The essence of your construction project lies in the intricate choices you make, especially when it comes to selecting a building method. The location, logistical challenges, desired construction speed, and other considerations play pivotal roles in this decision. Through this guide, we’ve aimed to showcase the strengths and potentials of the three prime timber construction techniques at T&B Group as remote construction specialists – Revo SIPS panels, Timber Frame, and Modular Log Homes. It’s now upon you to weigh these insights and embark on a journey to erect a structure echoing your vision and aspirations.