Remote Construction Specialists – Where you build determines how we build

Where you build determines how we build

Constructing a new home or structure requires meticulous planning and decision-making. One of the fundamental choices you’ll face is selecting the most appropriate construction method. As a leading remote construction specialists, T&B Group, we prioritise providing diverse and effective options tailored to your specific needs. Our offerings span across three distinct types of timber construction: […]

The full process of building a St Helena Island House

T&B Group construction in St Helena Island

A starling lack of infrastructure is enough to send any contractor running, but for us, a remote volcanic tropical island in the South Atlantic Ocean is just another day at the office. As remote timber construction specialists, we have completed timber projects in a number of otherwise inaccessible locations. From steep mountainsides to pristine beaches, we are experts at making your timber dreams come true no matter the location.

Building with Timber

Building with timber

Timber has been used in home construction longer than any other method of building, and for good reason. Wood holds several natural benefits, and when combined with the innovations of today’s timber products and technologies, becomes a fierce rival compared to traditional building materials like steel and concrete.   It’s cost-effective The average concrete home […]

Tiny is the New Big! Thanks to the Tiny House Movement

tiny home movement

The tiny-house movement has taken the property world by storm of late, as an architectural and social movement that advocates simple living. This fun and modern timber home movement embraces social responsibility, alleviates financial concerns, and satisfies the desire for more personal time and freedom. Freedom from debt, freedom from a mortgage and freedom from […]

Incorporating wood into the modern timber frame homes

modern timber frame homes

Timber has formed an integral part of home construction both structurally and aesthetically since humans first started building permanent homes. With increased global awareness, over the last decade, of the need to make use of and incorporate renewable and sustainable materials in the modern home, Timber once again finds itself as the obvious, natural and […]

Nyungwe Lodge, Rwanda

who built Nyungwe Lodge

The lodge was constructed in a working tea plantation with the accommodation units being built along the indigenous forest edge so strict environmental controls were applied to achieve as little disturbance to the existing conditions as possible and once again the T&B pre-manufacturing approach was a pinnacle in achieving this goal. In the context of […]