Timber Frame Homes

With today’s engineering technology and preservation techniques, timber construction is for life. Whether for a simple playhouse or granny flat, permanent residence, cosy log cabins or luxury bush lodge, our fully customisable timber-frame construction is the perfect building method for all your environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and time-saving construction needs.

This traditional yet modern building method sees hotel and home construction using a timber frame, posts and beams and finished with pre-manufactures elements and panels made to spec. This method of construction then proves to be extremely advantageous.

You won’t face typical issues such as rising damp, the assembly speed can be reduced by almost half that of a conventional brick and mortar home, and the structure requires no drying out time; meaning that once the structure is up, you can immediately start with finishes. We did not invent timber frame construction but we have refined it to a precision process of construction.

Timber Frames

Timber also has excellent insulating properties as-it-is, and on top of that, our construction design means that the hollow wall cavities can be densely packed with bulk insulation material for optimal energy efficiency.

Thanks to modern developments, our timber constructions are designed for safety and offer increased fire protection through the use of non-combustible linings to protect the frames, treatments with fire retardants, and the use of timber with sufficient charring rates.

Timber is a renewable resource and all timbers used in our frame homes are procured from accredited plantations. Timber also has a strength-to-weight ratio that outperforms that of convention building materials and offers more structural flexibility, meaning less chance of structural damage typically caused by heaving clay, or the settlement cracks typically found in masonry construction.

Our timber constructions will also save you space as the timber-frame walls are much less bulky than brick walls, and – on average – expand your internal floor space by about 1 square metre for every 7 running meter of external wall length.

Due to the light-weight design of our timber houses and hotels, building in remote and hard-to-reach locations become much easier and more accessible, our carbon emissions are significantly reduced as less energy is consumed in both the preparation of construction elements and the transport of materials.

Just some of the resasons to go with timber frame construction

  • Financially viable
  • Built to last
  • Supports the green economy
  • Flexible designs
  • A great insulator
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Sustainable materials used
  • Fast construction time
  • Quicker return on capital outlay
  • Better strength-to-weight ratio
  • No drying out time


Timber frame construction is a quick, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly way to build your perfect, personal and customisable structure. From home construction to hotel construction, our timber designs are assembled using Engineer ratified, pre-designed timber frames, posts and beams to which your customised and pre-manufactures elements and panels are attached. All timbers used are structural grade and treated to international preservation standards. The pre-formed openings and frame wall cavities allow for swift and easy installation of windows, doors and internal plumbing and electrical reticulations.

Timber home construction
timber home on stilts
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