REVO Homes

Our ‘REVO’ timber building system is a totally pre-manufactured system and essentially a combination of insulated timber panels, posts and rails, with pre-fitted window and door fixtures. Thus on site assembly is light-weight, of low-skill requirement, efficient and cost effective.

The beauty of this product is that it is very quick to construct and is essentially a ‘blank canvas’ to create what you like in terms of ‘look and feel’, perfectly acceptable and compliant in its basic form, but easily embellished to your personal requirements. The potential applications are vast, the unit can be used as it is, in ‘entry-level’ format or cladded and finished both internally and externally to create a totally different aesthetic, depending on the application and the end requirements. It is the true DIY system and yet also the professional’s choice, with many standard designs available, while also giving the option to custom design to your personal choice.


*Please note that all prices listed above are starting prices and is simply to give you an idea of the price range.