Remote Timber Construction Specialists

We have the infrastructure, both internal and contracted, to ensure smooth delivery of project materials no matter how remote or challenging the location…

We have delivered kits and components by ten-wheeler all terrain trucks, by ship and barge and even by air.

We have built on mountains and on beaches where there were no jetties, railways, water, sub-contractors or suppliers – and no local labour. (All materials and kits are checked for size and quality before they leave our workshops – and everything from electric cables to bathroom basins can be included when these are not available – or are overpriced – locally.

In short, T & B Group can provide a complete one-stop turn-key service at short notice, anywhere in the world. Our logistics services also encompass planning in the fields of Procurement and CNC production.

  • Internal Transport Fleet
  • Contracted services for Export and Remote Resort Projects
  • Fleet management & auditing
  • Full transportation costing
  • Years of experience in delivering projects globally allows us to provide our Clients with the most efficient and cost effective means of ‘getting the goods to the project’
  • Dedicated and experienced staff to handle and prepare the correct documentation for transport and customs clearance.
  • Transport and logistics for T&B are never an obstacle to delivering a project.

From build a resort on the remote mountain resort to an remote island villa we have you covered.

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  • We have long standing relationships with international service providers covering Sea, Air, Rail and road freight.
  • We have refined the art of getting the maximum volume and mass out of each container or truck load.
  • All goods are wrapped, strapped, bundled or palletized to ensure any potential losses are negated.
  • Well established facilities at our factory to efficiently handle and load large volumes of materials.
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