Timber Modular Construction

Our factory, with its pre-manufacturing technology and state-of-the-art CNC capabilities, allows us to meticulously plan and create all the required components for your project, saving time and energy on-site…

Most clients opt for the T&B Group building systems because they like the natural look, warmth, texture and feel of solid timber. We employ high-end CNC processes to ensure maximum precision, flexibility and speed to produce the highest quality timber home kits in the industry. The precision and joinery detail of our CNC technology in South Africa is second to none, providing a superior end product.

Timber Frame CNC

Our post and beam construction timber frame joinery is designed with raising and installation in mind: all our timber frame parts and components are marked and we provide all assembly documents and manuals to the builder. We strive to meet the requirements of an efficient assembly process. All materials and kits are checked for size and quality before they leave our workshops.

At T&B Group, we aim to provide our clients with log homes that can be assembled on site easily and efficiently without specialised equipment. 

Post And Beam Construction
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Our Timber Construction Products

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