The T&B Revolution

Grand Park Kodhipparu

T&B Log Homes are based in Knysna, but the company’s reputation reaches much further. In fact, T&B Log Homes is world-renowned for its outstanding timber construction projects.

Active in the industry for more than 30 years, the company has experienced the full ebb and flow of demands for timber buildings as well as the evolution of timber products and uses of the same. Here is how the team behind the exceptional workmanship has stayed ahead of the game.

To start, they have made significant improvements to their traditional solid log home systems. In addition, they have developed and added several new building systems and services to offer their potential markets. Their hard work paid off and has resulted in the birth of the ‘new’ T&B Group that offers a comprehensive supply of products, including solid log homes, timber frame homes, REVO homes, conventional ‘wet’ structures, custom timber designs, tented camps, and a combination of any of these – along with many added-value options of water treatment and desalination plants, wastewater treatment, various generator and solar power systems, and just about anything else a client may need for a project.

The traditional T&B solid log home is now one of many solutions in the T&B Group arsenal. Group Managing Director, Dave Simpson, says: “Although we have already been offering many of these additional products and services for at least the last 10 years, our previous marketing regime has always ‘pigeon holed’ us as exclusively log home builders, thus we are on a massive drive this year to re-brand the company for what it really is, under the new T&B Group banner.” With the conscious drive by investors to make ‘green’ building their first choice, it offers endless opportunities to timber construction companies to get their products out into the market, says Simpson.

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